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Customer Care is the most trusted and widely used matrimonial site exclusively for the benefit of the Muslims around the world. Since its inception in 1998, it is helping till this date thousands of Muslims every year to find the life partner of their choice within the shortest time possible and thus enable them to lead a happy married life. Membership of is phenomenally increasing day by day with more and more members coming into its fold. For the innumerable Muslim brethren and sisters who are seeking their life partner. has made on line match making an easy, time-saving and pleasurable experience.

Amidst innumerable on line matrimonial sites for Muslims, has emerged as a leading, safe and secure Matrimonial site with commendable success. is committed to provide a safe and dedicated Matrimonial service conforming to the tenets of Islam. The unblemished track-record of, its hall-mark of genuineness, safety, reliability and its unmatched success results is recognized throughout the world by the Muslim population. Besides, it has the pride of being the only matrimonial site opted and liked by single Muslim brothers and sisters to find their life partners.

In the present day world of hectic activities full of nervousness and hurry, one has hardly any time and energy to seek a life partner in the conventional way of finding a partner through the help of extended family circles and friends or through genuine brokers.   They invariably believe it is easy to turn to matrimonial columns in papers and websites.  Harnessing the latest technological advances in the IT industry, has provided a number of sophisticated user friendly facilities in making the search process the easiest, time saving, more choices to choose suitable life partner and trust-worthy procedure for the single Muslims. is conducting its services on a global level with franchises worldwide and in the process of establishing local presence in other countries as well.

In the shortest time has been able to earn name and fame because of the untiring efforts of the Founder, Brother Syed Peer, and the most dedicated and trust-worthy team of employees who toil day and night to make this site the first and foremost in the realm of Muslim matrimony.

The edifice of is built on 4 foundations: viz

Community, Security, Trust and Success

Community :

In the social system dictated by Islam much importance is attached to the institution of marriage. The fundamental objectives of marriage in Islam are - (1) securing a comfortable and congenial atmosphere for a husband and wife and (2) procreating a new generation of robust, faithful and virtuous children. The natural attraction between man and woman brings them together, leading them to Nikah and then form a family. Since sex is the basic instinct for this union of man and woman, their energies should be channelised in the right direction so that they are useful in their service to the community and the humanity.

Though sexual instinct is the important factor in the union of man and woman, it gradually develops into a deep emotional, spiritual, social and economic relationship. This is what Islam defines as matrimony. In the Holy Qur'an, the institution of marriage is described as one with "tranquility," "love" and "mercy." Since the marriage is very important and necessary for every human being, Prophet Muhammed (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: “whoever gets into wedlock, completes half of his/her religious obligation”. People out of wedlock are liable to go astray and commit sins against Islamic values.

A faithful Muslim husband and wife who strictly follow the tenets of the Holy Quran and the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) will always be a source of joy and comfort for each other. Their relationship should therefore rise far above that of mere sexual enjoyment and should reach the stage of cordial friendship accompanied by mutual trust and benevolence. is fully community oriented, conforming to the tenets of Islam. We do not support friendship between opposite gender and so called dating services as they are against Islamic teaching.

Security : ensures utmost security checks at various levels and exercising vigil at every stage so that no mal-practice creeps in at any time. As far as security or privacy of members are concerned, exercises utmost caution by making available to its Members the latest on line technology for providing members with relevant and reliable matrimonial information in a strictly confidential manner. For this purpose it has devised a number of in-built security checks, strict monitoring by vigilant staff so that malpractices if any can not only be detected but also totally effaced at the earliest. By these strict precautionary measures, we fully meet the needs of thousands and thousands of single Muslims by showing them the safe and effective ways of finding an appropriate and suitable life partner in the shortest time and moreover in a halal way.

Trust :

Utmost trust and fidelity are the watch word of The concept of trust is the foremost requirement in our way of functioning. Dedication and a sense of fidelity and faithfulness are instilled in minds of the team of employees even in the beginning. It is the importance and priority that is attached to Trust that has made to develop to its present stature over the years.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, more than ten thousand Muslims visit everyday to find their Muslim life partner, we truly value their trust on us and are committed to help them to find a Muslim Life Partner to complete their Islamic requirement, InshaAllah.

Success : ensures and takes every possible measure to maximize its efforts in seeing members succeed in finding soul mate of their choice in the shortest time. The number of successful marriages through is increasing day by day with the result more and more successful members refer our site to their friends and relatives. This overwhelming success prompts more and more persons to register as Members of this site and derive the benefit out of it.

We strive to do still better through superior match making technology, continued research pursuits, valuable matrimonial content and reliable services combined with highest quality of customer service rendered with utmost warmth, understanding, respect, and team spirit.

By taking all these precautions and security measures, backed by the success rate of thousands of its members getting happily married, has emerged as the most trusted and reliable matrimonial site among the Muslim community.

If you are ardently looking for life partner, we invite you to join and experience the happiness and overwhelming results to lead a success in finding a suitable Muslim life partner, inshaAllah.

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Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | About Us | Contact Us mobile | |, the world's leading and best known matrimonial website for Muslims around the world, founded in year 1998. was founded with simple object - to help single Muslims to find their suitable life partner and also help Muslim parents to search & gift better life partner for their son/daughter, within a halal enviornment while bending to-date's technological advancements to suite our Islamic principles. By providing better services and highest success, reached more than 10 million single Muslims around the world. Read more...
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